About Midcontinent Livestock Supplements

Midcontinent Livestock Supplements ( MLS ) low moisture cooked molasses tubs provide controlled, consistent supplement delivery to all species of livestock. When considering options for nutrient supplementation delivery, MLS provides a well rounded product line to supplement any forage based or range feeding program. 

MLS has been providing high performance, high quality, all natural tub supplements to the livestock industry for many years. Founder Raymond Orwig developed his supplement delivery method to provide nutrition, allow a producer to control supplement costs through regulating consumption, and lower the non-feed costs associated with supplementing. Through the inclusion of dried aspergillus fermentation product in the MLS formulations, MLS tub supplements can increase forage utilization, resulting in the animal extracting more nutrients from the available forage. 

The MLS manufacturing process is key to controlling consumption. The process yields a very low moisture finished product. The inclusion of the dry ingredients takes place after the moisture level has been obtained by heating the raw molasses. This protects and encapsulates the dry ingredients which results in consistent nutrient intake, and allows for a longer shelf life. MLS tubs will also eliminate the cost of wasted feed due to weather, aggressive animals, or spillage, which are often associated with other forms of supplements. 

 The bottom line to supplementation is to provide the nutrition your animals need as cost effectively as possible. MLS has developed a process and a product line to do just that. By managing supplement intake, delivering controlled consistent nutrition, MLS will help you reach your production targets.

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